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Can You Get Cash from Klarna?

No, you cannot get cash from Klarna. Klarna is a buy-now-pay-later service that allows you to spread out the cost of your purchase over 4 interest-free payments. However, you cannot withdraw cash from your Klarna account.

There are some unofficial ways you can get money out of your Klarna credit, However, please keep in mind that these methods may violate Klarna’s terms of service and could potentially lead to repercussions.

Visa Gift Card: Some users suggested purchasing Visa gift cards with Klarna from various online stores (such as Amazon) and then using these cards to buy money orders or transact with a friend who could send back the money.

  1. Buy and Sell: Other users suggested purchasing items with high resale value (or high liquidity) using Klarna, and then selling those items for cash. Products suggested for this include physical goods, stocks, or cryptocurrencies.
  2. Online Store: A suggestion was made to create an online store, stock it with items, buy the items using Klarna, and then pay off Klarna over time. This seems to suggest a self-payment method.
  3. Return for Cash: Another proposed method was buying products from retailers like Walmart using Sainsbury’s, then returning those items for cash.

Again, it’s crucial to emphasize that these methods are unofficial and likely breach Klarna’s terms of service. They may lead to account suspension, potential legal consequences, and issues with other financial services. The safest way to use Klarna is as intended: a method for spreading the cost of purchases over time.

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