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Parcel Delayed with Evri? Here’s What to Do

Delayed Parcel with Evri

When you’re still waiting for your parcel after it’s been with Evri for over seven days, the recommended course of action is to notify the sender. The sender is the individual or company responsible for initiating the delivery, so they have the authority to inquire about the delay directly with Evri. The sender can be the e-commerce/website you have purchased your package.

By informing the sender about the delay, they can liaise with Evri to investigate the situation and expedite the resolution process. Whether it’s a matter of tracking down the parcel’s current location or determining the cause of the delay, the sender is in the best position to handle the interaction with the delivery service on your behalf.

If you’re the sender, fill out the form below to begin the process:

Evri Delayed Parcel Inquiry

Dealing with Non-updating Parcel Tracking

Secondly, you may encounter a situation where your parcel tracking isn’t updating.

If your parcel hasn’t been scanned for two or more working days following the estimated delivery date, you are encouraged to register an inquiry with Evri. You can check your estimated delivery date by visiting Evri’s website and entering your tracking information.

However, please note that only the person who booked the delivery can make a claim about the parcel. To facilitate this claim process, it is crucial to have your HRM reference and the email used to place the order handy. This will ensure a smooth process while dealing with Evri’s customer service team. Use this form to submit your inquiry.


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  1. Patrick Wiseman

    My Buyer is chasing their delivery on a lamp stand and shade. Tracking shows delivery is on its way on the 31st October then November 1st but has still not received up to this morning. Order dispatched 27th October.

    Tracking number: H0*****5.

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