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Evri Tracking hasn’t Updated for 7 Days – What to Do?

This article aims to guide you through the steps to take if your Evri package tracking has not been updated for more than a week, ensuring a swift and effective resolution.

Handling Tracking Delays

  1. Verify the Estimated Delivery Date: Before initiating any inquiry, check your parcel’s estimated delivery date. This will give you an idea of whether the package is just slightly delayed or significantly overdue​​.
  2. Initiate an Enquiry with Evri: If there’s a lack of scanning activity for 2 working days beyond the estimated delivery date, you’re eligible to raise an enquiry with Evri. It’s crucial that the person who arranged the shipping initiates this process, armed with the necessary HRM reference and the order’s email address​​​​.
  3. Contact the Sender: In cases where you’ve been waiting for over 7 days, it’s advisable to alert the sender. The sender can then liaise with Evri to investigate the delay. This can be particularly effective as senders often have access to additional support channels with the courier service​​.
  4. Be Prepared with Essential Information: When contacting Evri or the sender, ensure you have all pertinent information handy, including the tracking number and any other relevant details about the shipment.
  5. Understand the Shipment’s Specifics: The nature of your shipment or its destination could influence delivery times. Consider these factors when assessing the situation.
  6. Seek Assistance from Evri Customer Service: If your efforts do not yield results, contacting Evri’s customer service may provide further clarity. They can offer more detailed information on the parcel’s whereabouts and expected delivery timeline.

Common Concerns with Evri Package Tracking Delays

Q1: What should I do first if my Evri package tracking hasn’t updated in a week? A1: First, check the estimated delivery date to gauge the extent of the delay. If it’s been more than a week, consider contacting the sender or initiating an enquiry with Evri​​.

Q2: Can anyone make an enquiry about a delayed package with Evri? A2: Only the person who arranged the shipping can make an enquiry. You will need the HRM reference number and the email address used to place the order​​.

Q3: How can the sender assist in resolving a tracking delay? A3: The sender can contact Evri directly to investigate the issue, often with more leverage than the recipient​​.

Q4: What information do I need to provide when contacting Evri or the sender? A4: Be ready to provide the tracking number, HRM reference, and any other details relevant to your shipment.

Q5: When should I contact Evri’s customer service for a delayed package? A5: If you’ve tried the above steps without success, reaching out to Evri’s customer service is the next best step. They can provide additional information and assist in tracking down your package.

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