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Evri Parcel Shows Delivered but I haven’t Received it

There are times when the delivery status shows ‘delivered’, but the parcel is nowhere to be found. If you’re facing this issue with your Evri parcel, you’re not alone. Let’s delve into some common scenarios and their potential solutions.

evri delivery problems

  1. The Delivery Address is Wrong

    Possible Causes:

    • A typo or error when entering the address during the checkout process.
    • The seller or shipper might have made an error while processing the order.

    What to Do:

  2. The Location on the Delivery Photo Isn’t my Address

    Possible Causes:

    • The GPS coordinates used by the delivery person might have been inaccurate.
    • The delivery person might have mistakenly marked the delivery at the wrong location.

    What to Do:

    • Contact Evri’s customer service with the details and ask for clarification.
    • Check with neighbors or nearby addresses to see if the parcel was mistakenly delivered there.
  3. The Location Shown in the Delivery Photo is Not Accurate

    Possible Causes:

    • The delivery person might have taken a photo at a location that’s unfamiliar to you but is close to your address.
    • The photo might be from a previous delivery or another location entirely.

    What to Do:

    • Examine the photo closely for any recognizable landmarks or features.
    • Reach out to Evri’s customer service for further assistance.
  4. My Package Isn’t in the “Safe Place” on the Photo

    Possible Causes:

    • Someone might have moved or taken the parcel after it was delivered.
    • The delivery person might have placed it in a location that seemed safe to them but isn’t typically used by you.

    What to Do:

    • Check the surrounding areas of the location shown in the photo.
    • Inform Evri about the situation and consider specifying a preferred safe place for future deliveries.
  5. I still Can’t My Parcel

    If none of the above scenarios apply to you, it’s possible that there’s a unique situation at play.

    What to Do:

    • Document all details related to the delivery, including times, dates, and any correspondence.
    • Contact Evri’s customer service and provide them with all the information. They will investigate your case and get back to you as soon as they can
    • You can alternatively consider filing a complaint against Evri

While it’s frustrating to face delivery issues, understanding the potential causes and knowing the steps to take can help resolve the situation more efficiently. Always maintain open communication with the delivery service and the seller to ensure a smooth resolution.

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  1. Ian

    My parcel was delivered to someone else’s door, its not even a house on the same road.
    Customer service is automated and cannot help resolve issue

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