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Cub01 Evri Parcel Explanation

cub01 evri

Understanding Cub01 Evri Parcel

Cub01 is a name used by the delivery service Evri when it can’t figure out the business name of a seller based in China. This can happen if the business name is in Chinese characters or is too long. This does not mean there’s anything wrong with the package or the seller. It’s just a way for Evri to handle tracking when they don’t have the business name.

What to do if you have a Cub01 Evri Parcel

If you get a tracking number from Evri starting with “Cub01”, you can still track your package on the Evri website or app. But, you may not see the full business name of the seller. If you’re worried about your package, you can contact the seller to confirm the business name and tracking number. You can also reach out to Evri customer service for more info.

Tips for dealing with Cub01 Evri Parcels

  • If you’re ordering from a Chinese business, check the business name carefully. If it’s in Chinese, ask for a translation.
  • If the business name is too long, try to shorten it.
  • If you still have problems, contact Evri to confirm the tracking number​​.

Questions and Answers

  • Q: What does Cub01 mean in my Evri tracking number?
    • A: Cub01 is a placeholder name used by Evri when it can’t determine the business name of a Chinese seller. It’s just a part of the tracking number and doesn’t indicate any issue with the package.
  • Q: How can I track my Cub01 Evri parcel?
    • A: You can track it using the Evri website or app with your tracking number. If you have concerns, contact the seller or Evri customer service.
  • Q: Will I get my package if it’s a Cub01 Evri parcel?
    • A: Yes, Cub01 is just a placeholder name. It doesn’t affect the delivery of your package.

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  1. Deanne Whitehouse

    I wish to return my hair piece it does not suit my hair at all,nothing like the pictures, there are no details at all in the packet,or a Gmail with any details, I need a address and refund, the number is 4******3 topperoman,26th Jan paid £41.88 ,please reply

  2. Julia Shepherd

    How do I return my parcel? It is not what I expected and atx£99 and can not afford to loose this. There was no label inside all I have is the outside packaging.

  3. Rose Hepburn

    I keep getting these small parcels from Cub01 that I didn’t order and don’t know who they are and how to return them. And if it’s China I am expected to pay the postage .

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