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EDF Energy: A Guide to Phone Numbers

This guide aims to simplify this process for EDF Energy customers by providing a detailed list of contact numbers for various services and departments.

EDF Energy Contact Numbers

Below is a table with various phone numbers, each designated for a different purpose:

Purpose Phone Number Notes
General Enquiries 0333 200 5100 For billing, payment, and general queries
Power Cut 105
Complaints Various options available
Smart Pay As You Go Meter Queries
Meter Readings 0333 200 5108
Complaint Investigation 0845 302 7109
Citizen Advice 0345 404 0506
Large Business Sales 0800 328 9030
Energy Theft 0800 023 2777
Energy View Team 0845 765 3653
MyBusiness Team 0845 301 3515
Moving Premises 0845 301 3530
New Customer 0333 009 7155
Complaint Resolution 0333 200 5101 Alternative methods like email and WhatsApp available
Warm Home Discount Queries 0333 009 7010
Smart Meter Issues 0333 008 7000 Or use live chat on EDF website
Lost or Damaged Electricity Key or Gas Card 0333 200 5110 Alternative is using EDF live chat service
Paying Bills/Topping Up 0333 200 5108 Options for debit/credit card payments

These numbers cater to a range of needs, from general inquiries and meter readings to specific concerns like energy theft and business-related queries.

Customer Service Opening Times

Understanding the operating hours of EDF Energy’s customer service is crucial for timely and effective communication. Here are the general opening times for EDF customer service:

  • General Enquiries: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Other Services: Specific departments may have different operating hours. It is advised to check with EDF directly for the exact times.

For making a complaint, you have multiple options for reaching out to EDF. Besides calling 0333 200 5101, you can also email, send a text to 07481341928, or use WhatsApp messaging at 07480802942. Additionally, EDF’s live chat is another avenue for raising complaints

Alternative Contact Methods

For those who prefer not to use the phone, EDF Energy offers several alternative contact methods:

  • Email: For various inquiries, including complaint resolution.
  • Text and WhatsApp: These options are particularly useful for complaints.
  • Live Chat: Available on EDF’s website, this is a quick way to get in touch with customer service.

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