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What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Costa Card?

The Costa Card, part of the loyalty program from Costa Coffee, allows coffee aficionados to collect points and avail special offers. If you’ve misplaced yours, don’t fret. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should do next.

1. Report the Loss Immediately

First and foremost, notify Costa Coffee about the lost card. The sooner you report it, the less likely it is for someone to misuse it, especially if it’s a combined card with payment functionalities.

  • Online: Log into your account on the Costa Coffee website. There’s typically a section in your profile where you can report a card as lost or stolen.
  • In-Person: Visit your nearest Costa Coffee outlet and inform the staff. They can guide you on the steps to secure your account.
  • Customer Service: Contact Costa Coffee’s customer service hotline. The number should be available on their website.

2. Check Your Account for Unusual Activity

Once you’ve reported the loss, check for any recent transactions that you don’t recognize. If you find any suspicious activity, report it immediately to the Costa team.

3. Replacement Card

After reporting the loss:

  • In-store: Some Costa Coffee outlets may offer on-the-spot replacement cards. If you get a new card in-store, you can link it to your existing account to ensure you retain your points and rewards.
  • Online: If you’ve reported the loss through the website, there may be an option to request a replacement card that will be mailed to your registered address.

4. Protect Your Points

When you receive your new card, immediately link it to your old account, ensuring you retain any points you had accumulated. If you’re unsure about how to do this, the staff at any Costa Coffee outlet should be able to assist or guide you.

5. Digital Solution

Consider downloading the Costa Coffee mobile app. With the app:

  • You can manage and use your loyalty card digitally, reducing the chances of losing a physical card.
  • It provides an added layer of security as most smartphones today have biometric or password protections.
  • You can instantly block or freeze your card from the app if it’s misplaced.

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