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How to Complain to Costa Coffee?

If you wish to complain to Costa Coffee, you can use the following contact information:

  1. Phone number: +44 333 003 5883​
  2. Official Website Contact Form
  3. Email addresses: and​​
  4. Social media accounts:
    • Facebook: Search for ‘@costacoffee​
    • Twitter: Search for ‘@costacoffee​
    • Instagram: Search for ‘@costacoffee​
  5. Postal address: Costa House, 6 Porz Avenue, Houghton Hall Business Park, Houghton Regis, Dunstable LU55YG, United Kingdom​

Remember to include all relevant details about your complaint, including the date, location, and specific issue. Be sure to keep your communication respectful and constructive to help facilitate a successful resolution to your complaint.

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  1. Eve Cassidy

    I bought a £20 Costa gift card on 21st September using my mastercard and the payment has been processed and gave my yahoo email address – I have NOT received it and I have used the contact form to communicate on three occasions but have not had a reply. Please can this be investigated so I have receipt of it. I cannot understand why I have had no reply.
    Thank you

  2. Graham gravener

    I wish to ask why your branch in country square ashford has stopped doing cups they just do paper cups and they say its there merchine but it’s been a month now

  3. Vic Kennedy

    I have tried numerous times to make contact with no success about
    A faulty, leaking Costa coffee mug purchased 2 Month ago

    Please let me have an email address that is contactable so that l can
    Sort out a replacement

  4. Dorothy Thomson

    Your phone is out of order your app firm does not work your chat line is asking to pay to speak to a technician about your website not working
    This is after spending time filling in forms it rejects because it won’t let you complete it properly
    I give up! The history on the beans APL says it’s updated 12 mts ago and yet my beans from 15/6 and 16/6 is not updated I should have 1 green bean and a brown bean for each of the two days Where are they?

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