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British Airways Premium Economy vs Economy, What is the difference?

The British Airways World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) is one step higher class compared to the Economy class. You will get a free extra checked bag and a separate cabin compared to economy class. In the Premium Economy cabin, you will get more leg room and a more attentive flight crew to serve you.

  • Extra leg room
  • Priority boarding
  • Exclusive cabin, fewer passengers and more cabin crew
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Bar service, drinks, signature cocktails, and 2 free meals
  • 1 more free baggage allowance compared to economy

Entertainment System on Premium Economy:

You will get a free noise canceling headphone and a power supply in case you need to charge your electronics. You will get a personal entertainment system.

More Premium Seats

In the premium economy cabin, seats are wider and you will feel better support and head-rest as well as a more comfortable leg room

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  1. Johanna Semackor

    Good evening

    You stated that there is extra checked baggage as compared to economy class.

    I have always paid for additional bags

    Please verify and let me know please .

    Thank you.

    Johanna Semackor

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