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British Airways Economy Basic vs Standard, What is the Difference?

When flying long haul with British Airways (also known as World Traveller), you have 2 economic choices – Basic and Standard. You can pick each of them depending on how much you are willing to pay and the services you need.

Here is a summary table of what each of these services offer:

british airways basic vs standard

There’s a choice of two economy fares when you fly in World Traveller: Basic and Standard.

Basic: The cheapest option, best fit for single travelers. You will get 2 hand baggage and free meals and an option to choose seats and purchase additional checked baggage.

Standard: A bit more expensive and comes with free checked luggage on top of the basic package. You will also get to pick your seats. Best fit for families who want to travel economy.

Still have questions? Speak to British Airways Live Chat.

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