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Who Delivers Argos Orders in the UK?

Argos works with various delivery service providers to cater to its extensive customer base in the UK. These companies are responsible for managing the transportation and logistics of orders placed on the Argos website or in-store. Here are the main delivery partners for Argos in the UK:

  1. Argos Delivery Team

Argos operates its own delivery team, which handles the majority of their deliveries. This in-house team is responsible for delivering large items, such as furniture and appliances, as well as smaller items. The Argos Delivery Team offers standard, next-day, and nominated day delivery options, depending on the product category and customer preferences.

  1. Royal Mail

For smaller parcels, Argos collaborates with Royal Mail, the UK’s national postal service. Royal Mail provides standard delivery services, ensuring customers receive their orders within the specified time frame. Royal Mail’s extensive network covers even the most remote locations in the UK.

Worried about your delivery? Contact Argos live chat to get an update.

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