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How to Cancel Your Three Contract?

If you are looking to cancel your Three UK contract, there are a few things you need to know. First, you can cancel your contract in two ways: using a PAC code or without a PAC code.

Cancelling Your Three UK Contract

Using a PAC code

A PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) allows you to keep your phone number when you switch to a new network. To get a PAC code from Three, you can:

  • Text PAC to 65075 from your Three phone.
  • Log in to your Three account online and click on “My Account” > “Manage my plan” > “Cancel my contract”.
  • Call Three customer service on 333 from your Three phone.

Once you have your PAC code, you need to give it to your new network provider. They will then use it to port your number over to their network. Your Three contract will be cancelled automatically when your number is ported over.

Standard cancellation

If you don’t want to keep your phone number, you can cancel your Three contract without using a PAC code. To do this, you need to contact Three customer service and request a standard cancellation. You will need to give 30 days’ notice of your cancellation.

When you cancel your Three contract, you may be charged an early termination fee. This fee is calculated by multiplying the basic monthly fee by the number of months remaining in your contract. The early termination fee will be waived if you are cancelling your contract within the first 14 days of taking it out.

Deciding on Your Phone Number

Your decision on whether or not to keep your current number will dictate the next steps:

  • Porting Authorisation Code (PAC): If you wish to retain your current number while switching to another mobile network, you’ll need a PAC.
  • Service Termination Authorisation Code (STAC): If you’re planning to ditch your current number, request a STAC.

Both the PAC and STAC can be obtained by sending a free text. For a PAC, text “PAC” to 65075. For a STAC, text “STAC” to 75075. Alternatively, you can source these codes through the Three app or your online account.

Bear in mind that quitting your contract may have financial implications:

  • Early Termination Fee: If you’re cutting ties before the contract’s end date, you might incur an early termination charge.
  • Outstanding Bills: Ensure you’ve cleared all due amounts before concluding the cancellation process.

For Those Abroad: Navigating Cancellation Outside the UK

If you’re not in the UK and need to cancel your Three contract, the dynamics slightly change:

  • International Helpline: Three provides an international helpline for its customers abroad. As of the last update, you can dial +44 7782 333 333 or you can contact Three via their live chat.
  • Email Communication: Consider dropping an email explaining your situation and request. While this might not be the fastest way, it creates a record of your communication.

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