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Who Delivers for Tesco?

Delivery Type Provider Description
Regular Grocery Delivery In-house Tesco Drivers Deliveries picked and packed from Tesco’s stores or online fulfilment centres, then transported in Tesco vans.
Rapid Delivery (Small Orders) Uber Eats Partnership for rapid delivery of smaller orders.
One-hour Delivery Quiqup Partnership for Tesco Now one-hour delivery service, available in select London postcodes.
Delivery through Third-party Platforms Deliveroo Collaboration for a wider range of quick delivery options.
Non-grocery Item Delivery Various Courier Companies** Delivery of non-food items sold through Tesco Direct, such as electronics and furniture. Delivered by Yodel, Royal Mail, DPD and Arrow XL

Tesco’s delivery system is predominantly managed in-house, through its own comprehensive logistics network. The Tesco delivery drivers are employed directly by the company and are trained to maintain high standards of service. The advantage of such a direct approach lies in the control over the entire customer experience, right from the order placement to delivery.

These drivers operate out of Tesco’s extensive network of supermarkets and grocery stores scattered throughout the UK. Products are either picked from the shelves of these stores by in-house pickers, or from dedicated online fulfilment centres and dark stores, where the focus is exclusively on online orders. From there, they are transported to consumers in specially designed Tesco delivery vans.

The home delivery service is enabled by a fleet of Tesco vans and trucks. Tesco’s fleet is known for its characteristic blue and white livery, proudly displaying the Tesco logo. The company has been taking steps towards sustainability, with the introduction of electric vans into the delivery fleet.

While the majority of deliveries are handled in-house, Tesco also partners with third-party delivery services for certain areas and services. In 2020, Tesco partnered with Uber Eats to pilot a rapid delivery service. This partnership was designed to cater to customers who required a swift delivery of smaller orders, complementing Tesco’s existing in-house delivery service.

In recent years, Tesco has expanded its rapid delivery options through strategic partnerships. They’ve collaborated with the start-up Quiqup for the Tesco Now one-hour delivery service, which is available in select central London postcodes. The company has also worked with Deliveroo to offer an even wider range of quick delivery options.

In addition, Tesco utilizes services from courier companies for non-grocery items sold through Tesco Direct, their non-food e-commerce platform. The range of products sold through Tesco Direct, such as electronics and furniture, often require different handling and delivery procedures than grocery items, which is where these courier partnerships come in handy.

** List of Non-grocery courier partners of Tesco:

  1. Yodel: Known for dealing with large and bulky items, Yodel has been one of Tesco Direct’s partners, particularly for large household appliances and furniture.
  2. DPD: This courier company is often employed for smaller, high-value items, given their robust tracking systems and reliable service.
  3. Royal Mail: Tesco has also used the services of Royal Mail for smaller, lighter non-grocery items.
  4. Arrow XL: Specialising in the delivery of large items, Arrow XL has been used by Tesco Direct for items such as large appliances and furniture.

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