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Best Travel Insurance for Cruises in the UK

Going on a Cruise insurance

Key Features to Look for in Cruise Travel Insurance:

  • Medical Coverage: Ensure high enough limits to cover potential onboard or overseas treatments.
  • Cancellation Coverage: Protection against unforeseen events that might cause you to cancel your trip.
  • Baggage and Personal Belongings: Coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Missed Departure: If you miss the ship’s departure due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • End Supplier Failure: In case the cruise line goes bankrupt or fails to provide the promised service.

Top Travel Insurance Providers for Cruises in the UK:

  • Staysure:
    • Overview: Staysure is a well-known provider in the UK, especially for its coverage for older travelers.
    • Pros: Comprehensive coverage options, no upper age limit, and coverage for many pre-existing medical conditions.
    • Cons: Might be pricier than other options.
    • Cost: Varies based on the specifics of the trip and the traveler.
  • InsureandGo:
    • Overview: InsureandGo offers a range of travel insurance policies, including specific ones for cruises.
    • Pros: Coverage for missed port departure, cabin confinement, and unused excursions. They also offer coverage for kids for free.
    • Cons: Some restrictions based on age and pre-existing conditions.
    • Cost: Varies based on policy details.
  • Saga:
    • Overview: Saga specializes in insurance for those over 50 and offers a range of travel insurance options.
    • Pros: High medical coverage limits, coverage for many pre-existing conditions, and no upper age limit.
    • Cons: Exclusively for those over 50.
    • Cost: Depends on the specifics of the trip and traveler.
  • Columbus Direct:
    • Overview: Columbus Direct has been a staple in the UK travel insurance market for years.
    • Pros: Offers a specific cruise cover add-on, which includes missed port, cabin confinement, and itinerary change benefits.
    • Cons: Some age and medical condition restrictions might apply.
    • Cost: Varies based on policy and add-ons chosen.
  • LV= (Liverpool Victoria):
    • Overview: LV= is a well-established insurance provider in the UK with a range of insurance products.
    • Pros: Offers cruise-specific coverage, including missed port and cabin confinement. Known for good customer service.
    • Cons: Might have some age and medical condition restrictions.
    • Cost: Depends on the specifics of the trip and traveler

Cruise holiday insurance policies differ among providers, but they generally cover:

  • Cruise Cancellation or Curtailment: Compensation if unforeseen events, like a close relative’s death or redundancy, disrupt your trip.
  • Missed Departure: Coverage if issues like car breakdowns or strikes prevent you from boarding on time.
  • Cruise Interruption: If illness necessitates treatment ashore, you can claim travel expenses to the next port.
  • Cabin Confinement: Compensation if the ship’s doctor confines you due to sickness.
  • Unused Excursions Protection: Refunds if you miss pre-booked excursions due to injury or illness.
  • Missed Port Cover: Compensation if bad weather or scheduling issues cancel a planned stop.
  • Personal Baggage: Coverage for lost or stolen luggage and its contents.
  • Emergency Medical Treatment: Including helicopter transfers, hospital fees, and repatriation.
  • Support from Friends or Relatives: Coverage for someone to stay with or fly out to you during treatment.

It’s crucial to ensure your insurance meets the cruise line’s minimum requirements, especially regarding COVID-19. When considering coronavirus coverage, check for:

  • Cancellation: If COVID-19 or self-isolation affects your departure.
  • Curtailment: If the virus impacts a relative, necessitating an early return.
  • Medical Costs: If you contract the virus while traveling.

For those with pre-existing conditions, honesty with providers is vital. Some specialized providers can offer quotes for severe conditions.

Choosing the Right Cover:

Ensure your insurance covers the trip’s duration, visited places, and activities. While cruise insurance includes standard travel protections, it also offers specific cruise-related benefits. When comparing, consider:

  • Destination: Countries with pricier healthcare, like the USA or Spain, might increase insurance costs.
  • Luggage: Cruises might entail more baggage, especially elegant attire. Ensure adequate coverage.
  • Activities: Some excursions involve water or extreme sports. Check if your policy covers these or if you need additional protection.

Why Cruise Travel Insurance is Different:

  • Isolated Medical Facilities: Onboard medical facilities might not be as comprehensive as those on land.
  • Evacuation Costs: Medical evacuations from a ship can be expensive.
  • Missed Port Coverage: Compensation for missed ports due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Cabin Confinement: Compensation if you’re confined to your cabin due to illness.

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