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How to Submit Meter Reading to Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy sends out a monthly meter reading reminder to its customers. You can simply type your meter reading numbers directly into this reminder without having to log into your account. This is a quick and convenient way to submit your reading.

  1. Online Submission: You can also submit your meter reading online on the Octopus Energy website. Visit the meter reading submission page here and enter your meter reading. You’ll need to log into your account for this method.
  2. Octopus Energy App: If you have the Octopus Energy app installed on your smartphone, you can use your camera to scan the readings directly from your meter. The app will automatically interpret the numbers and submit the reading for you. This is a great option if you want to avoid any potential errors in reading the meter.
    1. Android App
    2. iOS App
  3. Email Submission: If you prefer, you can also email your meter reading to Octopus Energy. Send a clear photo of your meter or type out the readings in an email and send it to Make sure the photo is clear and the numbers are easily readable.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune: As a bonus, every time you submit a meter reading, Octopus Energy gives you a chance to spin a virtual “Wheel of Fortune”. You could win up to £512 in credit towards your energy bill. It’s a fun incentive to keep your meter readings up to date.

Remember, regular meter readings help ensure that your energy bills are accurate. If you’re having trouble reading your meter or submitting your reading, don’t hesitate to contact Octopus Energy’s customer service for assistance.

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