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Lyca Mobile Bundle Codes and Plans

Plan Name Price (£) Data Data Offer Validity (days) UK Calls & Texts International Minutes EU Roaming
UK Plan Smart 5.00 10GB* 5GB + 5GB 30 1000 100 Included
National Plus 10.00 40GB* 20GB + 20GB 30 Unlimited 100 Included
UK Plan Unlimited 10.00 Unlimited None 30 Unlimited 100 Included
UK Plan Daily Saver 12.00 30GB None 30 1GB/day 100 Not Mentioned
Daily Saver Plus 15.00 60GB None 30 2GB/day 100 Not Mentioned
UK Plan Super Extra 15.00 100GB* Not Mentioned 30 Unlimited 100 Not Mentioned
  • The asterisk (*) next to the data amount indicates a double data offer.
  • The “Data Offer” column specifies additional data offers, if any.
  • The “Validity” column specifies the duration of the plan.
  • The “UK Calls & Texts” column specifies the allowance for local calls and texts.
  • The “International Minutes” column specifies the allowance for international calls.
  • The “EU Roaming” column specifies if EU voice and data roaming is included.

How to Use Lyca Mobile Bundle Codes:

  1. Finding the Code:
    • You can find the codes for different bundles on the Lyca Mobile website or at Lyca Mobile stores.
  2. Activating the Bundle:
    • Once you have the code for the bundle you want, dial 139<Your Bundle Code># from your Lyca Mobile and press call.
    • Alternatively, you can text the bundle code to 3535 to activate the bundle.
  3. Checking Bundle Balance:
    • To check the remaining allowance in your bundle, dial *137# and press call.

Types of Lyca Mobile Bundles:

  1. Data Bundles:
    • If you need more data for browsing, there are specific bundles that offer varying data allowances to cater to your needs.
  2. Talk and Text Bundles:
    • For those who make a lot of calls or send many texts, there are bundles that offer a mix of call minutes and text messages.
  3. International Bundles:
    • If you need to make international calls, there are bundles that provide discounted rates for international calling.
  4. Combo Bundles:
    • Combo bundles provide a mix of data, talk, and text, making them a convenient choice for those who need a bit of everything.

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