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How to file a Complaint with Lyca Mobile?

Lyca Mobile operates in the competitive telecom market of the UK, offering budget-friendly mobile plans to its customers. However, like with any service, there might be occasions where customers need to lodge a complaint. This article guides you through the various channels through which you can complain to Lyca Mobile in the UK.

Contacting by Phone

The fastest way to lodge a complaint with Lyca Mobile is by calling their customer service. The contact numbers are:

  • Customer Service: 322 from a Lyca Mobile or 0207 132 0322 from any other phone​.
  • From abroad: +44 207 132 0322​.

Online Channels

Online channels provide a convenient way to complain without making a call:

Social Media

Social media platforms can be used to lodge complaints as well:

  • Facebook: Post or message your complaint on their official Facebook page.
  • Twitter: Tweet your complaint to @LycamobileUK​.

Q: What is the phone number for lodging complaints with Lyca Mobile in the UK? A: You can call 322 from a Lyca Mobile or 0207 132 0322 from any other phone, or +44 207 132 0322 if calling from abroad​.

Q: Can I email my complaint to Lyca Mobile? A: Yes, you can email your complaint to​.

Q: Is there a complaint form on the Lyca Mobile website? A: Yes, there’s a complaint form in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Lyca Mobile website

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  1. Andile Manqunqu

    My cell phone number 06******9 to complain about lycamobile airtime of R300. 00 flash number 0******64
    I need this transaction to be reverse because I have a loss this voucher is
    Still here not used because here no person use lycamobile even Sim card
    I try to order not here at Idutywa Eastern
    Cape South Africa so I need help last
    Time I try to email there the person was helping me Mirian but not help me so
    I need a help otherwise I decided to report
    To police officers to solve this problem
    The Ref:82*****17

  2. Andile Manqunqu

    I have a flash machine selling airtime data electricity other things so I have a problem of lycamobile airtime of R300. 00
    My flash machine print this voucher I here
    At Idutywa Eastern cape South Africa you
    can make refund back the voucher to machine Flash number is 07*****4

  3. Gabriela Calugar,

    Hello, my name is Gabriela Calugar, and I would like to report that in my attempt to obtain the PAC code from LYCAMOBILE, because I want to keep my number but go with another company, the people from Lyca mobile blocked my number and they refused to give me the Pac code. I mention that I decided to go them because lately they took my internet for which I paid and stopped providing services after charging the mobile phone. Gabriela Calugar 07*****18

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