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Lost Baggage with Lufthansa Phone Number & Form

lufthansa lost baggage telephone number

Lufthansa strives to provide a smooth travel experience for its passengers. However, there could be instances where baggage might get delayed or lost. In such cases, having direct contact with Lufthansa can significantly expedite the recovery of your belongings. This article outlines the telephone numbers and steps to report and track lost baggage with Lufthansa.

Reporting Lost Baggage:

1. Primary Contact Number for UK:

  • Dial +44 371 945 9124 (Baggage Tracing Tel) available daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for baggage inquiries in the London area​.

2. Alternative Contact Numbers:

  • Lufthansa provides various contact numbers for different regions:
    • US Number: +1-877-335-8488 or +1-800-645-3880.
    • General Inquiry: +1(808) 865-5455.

3. Official Lufthansa Website:

  • If you face any issues with your baggage, the official Lufthansa website has a dedicated section for reporting and tracking delayed or missing bags. While the section does not provide a direct phone number, it guides you through the process of reporting lost baggage online​.

Preparing for the Call:

  1. Gather Necessary Information:
    • Have your flight details, baggage description, and personal identification ready to provide the necessary information quickly.
  2. Be Patient:
    • Understand that the lines might be busier during peak travel times, and follow the instructions provided by the customer service representative.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the main contact number for reporting lost baggage with Lufthansa in the UK? A: The primary contact number for reporting lost baggage with Lufthansa in the UK is +44 371 945 9124.

Q: Are there alternative numbers for different regions? A: Yes, for the US, you can contact Lufthansa on +1-877-335-8488 or +1-800-645-3880. There’s also a general inquiry number available: +1(808) 865-5455.

Q: Can I report and track my lost baggage online? A: Yes, Lufthansa has a dedicated section on their official website for reporting and tracking delayed or lost baggage.

Q: What information should I have ready when reporting lost baggage? A: It’s advisable to have your flight details, baggage description, and personal identification ready for a swift reporting process.

Disclaimer: No Affiliation with Lufthansa

LiveChatDirectory is dedicated to providing accurate and helpful contact information to our readers. However, we are not affiliated with Lufthansa or its subsidiaries in any way. The contact details and processes shared on our platform are sourced from publicly available resources for the convenience of our readers. For the most accurate and current support, we recommend reaching out to Lufthansa directly through their official channels.

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