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How to Deal With Lost Lidl Plus Card?

Guide: Lost Lidl Plus Card

Immediate Actions

  1. Check the App: Lidl Plus operates primarily through its app. If you’ve lost a physical card but have the app, you will still be able to access your account and use the digital card.
  2. Report the Loss: Contact Lidl customer service to report the lost card. They can guide you on the next steps and possibly prevent unauthorized use of your account.

Getting a New Card

  1. Request a Replacement: If Lidl issues physical cards for the Plus program, ask for a replacement. This will be possible in-store or through online customer service.
  2. Link to Existing Account: Ensure your new card (or digital card in the app) is linked to your existing account to retain your points and history.


  • Can I Use My Account Without the Physical Card?: Typically, if you have the app, you can continue to use your Lidl Plus account without a physical card.

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