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What Happens if I Miss My Evri Delivery?

Despite the best efforts of delivery companies, it is not uncommon for customers to miss their scheduled delivery. Here’s what happens if you miss your EVRI delivery in two different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Customer Was Not Available at Home When the Courier Came

If you are not available at home when the courier arrives to deliver your package, they will leave a delivery attempt notice either in your mailbox or on your door. This notice will contain information on how to reschedule your delivery or collect your package from the courier’s depot.

You can also check your email or text messages for notifications from the courier, as they may have left instructions on how to reschedule your delivery or collect your package from a nearby pick-up point.

In most cases, the courier will attempt to redeliver your package up to three times before returning it to the sender. If you are unable to receive your delivery within three attempts, you may need to make alternative arrangements with the seller or request a refund.

Scenario 2: Customer Was Home, but Did Not Receive the Package

If you were home when the courier arrived but did not receive the package, there could be several reasons why this happened. It could be that the courier did not attempt to deliver your package, or that they attempted to deliver it to the wrong address.

In this scenario, the first thing you should do is check your email or text messages for any notifications from the courier. If there are no notifications, you can contact EVRI’s customer support team to enquire about your delivery status. They can provide you with the courier’s contact information and help you resolve the issue.

If the courier confirms that they delivered the package to your address, but you did not receive it, you can ask the shop where you purchased your item (e.g ASOS) to send a replacement and/or submit your complaint to them.

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