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Troubleshooting Evri Tracking Number Issues

Troubleshooting Evri Tracking Number Issues

Facing issues with your Evri tracking number? This guide will help you understand common problems and solutions associated with tracking numbers when expecting a package from Evri.

Common Causes of Tracking Issues

  1. Incorrect Tracking Number: Ensure you have the correct tracking number. Evri uses a standard 16-character tracking number.
  2. Wrong Entry: Double-check the entered number for typos or incorrect characters.
  3. Incorrect Details from Sender: Confirm the tracking number with the sender.
  4. Wrong Tracking Page: Ensure you are using the correct tracking page for Evri.

Incorrect Tracking Number

Ensure the tracking number is correct. Evri utilizes a 16-character tracking number, unlike some platforms that may provide an 8-digit number. Verify the number you have corresponds with Evri’s format.

Miscommunication with Sender

Sometimes, the sender might provide incorrect tracking details. It’s advisable to confirm the tracking number with the sender if it’s not working.

Logistical Issues at Evri

Occasionally, logistical issues within Evri might cause a halt in tracking updates. If the tracking doesn’t update for over three days, contacting Evri is recommended.


Verify the Tracking Number

Double-check the tracking number for any typos. It’s preferable to copy and paste the number to avoid errors.

Contact the Sender

If the tracking number remains inactive, contact the sender to confirm the accuracy of the tracking number provided.

Reach Out to Evri

If other measures fail, contact Evri for further assistance. They can provide insights into any possible logistical issues affecting your shipment’s tracking status.


  1. What should I do if my Evri tracking number isn’t working?
    • Verify the number, contact the sender for confirmation, and if necessary, reach out to Evri.
  2. How does Evri’s tracking number format look?
    • Evri’s tracking number comprises 16 characters, which can be a mix of letters and numbers.
  3. What if the tracking doesn’t update for several days?
    • If there’s no update for over three days, it’s advisable to contact Evri for further assistance.

Understanding the common issues and how to address them can alleviate the stress associated with an inactive Evri tracking number, ensuring you remain informed about your shipment’s status.

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  1. Darrin Shepherd

    Your driver phoned but only rang for 2 seconds. Did not pick up phone when i called back straight away. No card was left. I have lost email with tracking number on it. Evril is very unhelpful. No personal contact

  2. Dennis Hough

    I have a parcel delivery due but have no email or messages giving me a tracking number. One of your drivers tried to deliver it on Sat 9th but failed to even though i was home all day!!! I cant access your chat service or contact you by phone or email so i am unable to schedule a secind attempt and i am well annoyed. I didnt get a card from the driver either so how do i get my parcel and how do i get past all the blockages you have in place ? It is an impossible service and no contact is possible.
    My home postcode is EX23 9TF in Stratton, Cornwall. My package is coming from KU Bathrooms BD23 5HE which is Skipton. Thats all the info i have…..
    Can you chase up and let me know the tracking no or its status or arrange to deliver Monday except 2-30 to 3.30 pm please or simply leave the parcel on my front door step.
    thanks Mr Dennis Hough

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