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How to Send a Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription?

Surprisingly, many aren’t aware that Amazon offers a Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription, primarily because it’s somewhat hidden on their website. But fret not, we’re here to guide you through the process.

Understanding the Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription:

Before delving into the steps, it’s essential to grasp what you’re gifting. The Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription is available in three durations:

  • 6 months for $48
  • 12 months for $80
  • 24 months for $144

When you break down the math, these gift subscriptions offer excellent value. A standard Kindle Unlimited membership is priced at $10 per month. Thus, depending on the duration you opt for, you could be saving between $12 to a whopping $96.

How to Send a Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription:

Gifting a Kindle Unlimited subscription is straightforward once you know where to look. The entire process is swift, taking just a few minutes. The real challenge? Deciding the subscription’s length. While a year-long subscription strikes a balance, even a six-month gift is a thoughtful gesture.

Step 1:
Navigate to the Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription website.

Step 2:
Choose the desired membership duration and click ‘Continue.’

Step 3:
Input the recipient’s email address, select the delivery date for the gift subscription, and add a personalized message to accompany the gift.

Step 4:
Click ‘Continue to Payment’ and complete the purchase, akin to any other Amazon transaction.

Can You Gift Yourself A Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

It might sound unusual, but if you’re eyeing the savings that come with the gift subscription, you can indeed gift it to yourself. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and enter your email address in the recipient’s field.

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