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How Do I Contact ALDI Customer Support in the UK?

Like any major retailer, they have a customer service system in place to assist shoppers with queries, complaints, or feedback. If you’re looking to get in touch with Aldi’s customer service in the UK, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do so:

Official Channels

Begin by visiting Aldi’s official UK channels:

  • Live Chat: You can directly chat with a live agent about your query or complaint.
  • Email Form: You can find the email form on the chat page above.


One of the most direct ways to reach Aldi’s customer service is via phone.

  • General Enquiries: the phone number for Aldi’s UK customer service is 0800 042 0800.
  • Store-specific Queries: If you have a query related to a specific store, you can contact the store directly. The official Aldi website provides a store locator tool that gives you contact details for individual stores.

Social Media

You can contact Aldi UK or see updates about their products and services on platforms like:

  • Twitter: @AldiUK
  • Facebook: You can visit Aldi UK’s official Facebook page and use the messenger feature to send a direct message.

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  1. Lea Nixon

    I have tried to contact White’s Oats who grow Aldi’s Kavanaghs’ Organic Porridge Oats. After two attempts without a reply I thought it might be better to contact Aldi themselves with this comment.

    I have been reading about oat farmers spraying their crop just before harvest with Glyphosate/Roundup’ to force earlier ripening. I wanted to confirm that White’s Oats did not do this as you can imagine the serious health effects this would have. White’s Oats haven’t replied. Can Aldi try to confirm this for me? I have been eating Kavanagh’s Organic Oats for a long time and like them very much.

    On the other hand, Morrisons sell Flahavans Organic Oats and in Flahavan’s literature they make a point about growing Glyphosate free oats. Although these oats are a little more expensive than Aldi’s organic oats I am very tempted to move onto their brand. Therefore is it possible to confirm with the White’s Oats company if they spray, or not, their oats with Glyphosate?

    Many thanks

  2. Colin lenton

    Your store on bath road reading I have been in this store twice in the last couple of weeks went to buy roasting joint first visit and out of date gave it to staff member who was stocking chiller units today I go in again when pork loin steaks were out of date by two days told the person on the till she took no notice of what I was saying and carried on scanning my shopping I think you need to get your staff how to do stock rotation

  3. Robert George Davies

    I have noticed that the Aldo stores are now selling Netherlands Bacon.
    Where before you did sell British bacon.

    Is there a problem with the supply of British bacon or something else.

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